Im Rahmen des Symposiums zur Ausstellung GELD ODER LEBEN werde ich am Freitag den 8.September einen kleinen Vortrag über das große Potential des Flying8 Webstuhls halten.

Es wird eine interessante Veranstaltung werden. Ich würde mich freuen Sie und Euch dort begrüßen zu können.



Neues aus fern und nah +++ News from here and elswhere

old looms converted to Flying8 contemporary looms.


After returning from India in February the time was short before I was flying to Ethiopia for the Flying8 training in Sebeta, a nunnery near Addis Abeba.
The training was made possible by donations to the church community of St. Jürgen, Gemeindezentrum St. Augustinus.

Thanks to all donators and supporters!

Esmael and I were teaching a group of orthodox nones in the FLYING8 WEAVING TECHNOLOGY.

Two local woodworkers, Mebratu and Tariku, were helping us to convert the looms of the workshop to Flying8 looms. Also we were building two new Flying8 looms.

On 8th of September will be a symposium about sustainability in Schloss Reinbek. I will give a presentation about the FLYING8 Weaving concept.

I will promote my Flying8 contemporary loom at the VÄV fair in Växjö, Sweden, 21.-23.September.

teaching important knots.

Taking a break.

Esmael in Flying8 mood.

Esmael is teaching the technical graphics.

Flying8 contemporary loom, 40cm shorter than the original, it gives more space for more looms.

Putting the warp with the best friend
(here: best sister;))

Nothing is easy.

More towels have arrived. Order soon in the Webshop or visit my workshop and get it there.

Welcome to the renovated WEBEREI HAMBURG!
More light, new look, Flying8
looms and furniture.

Tables, sideboards, benches, frames.
All furnitures are made from "Schalbrettern".

The ROTHENER MÜHLE in beautiful Mecklenburg. In the attic is the FLYING8 weaving training room.

TheFlying8 classic looms are waiting for the participants.

Ah, here they are.
From Canada, Switzerland and Germany.

Of course we were only using the
FLYING8 Light-Flyer shuttles.

Hope to see you in September in Sweden!

Drei Themen zum 03. 2017


Arriving in India

Airport Guwahati, India

And all were waiting for my suitcase. How lovely.



Thema 1: INDIA

After all the winter exhibitions and the first weeks in the new year, I have spent a long while in India again.
I was called for a training by GIZ (Deutsch Gesellschaft für International Zusammenarbeit).
The project is part of the Climate Change Adaptation in the North Eastern Region of India, (CCA-NRI).
Within this frame Matias Lager, founder of the company Seidentraum, and the GIZ are running a Public Privat Partnership Program for silk.

The training was about building and using the warping mill with the Flying8 lift system and than of course warping with the Best-Friend and weaving.
The group were local village weavers and textil students and cluster developers.
8 Flying8 looms were built plus the one which we were making there last August.
The group learned very well and with a lot of devotion and eagerness how to operate the Flying8 loom and technology.

In the beginning of March the GIZ took one of the Flying8 looms to a fair in Shillong and the trainee James, who is now becoming Mr. Flying8 of India, told me that he was very happy with the response of the audience
even the television was shooting some pictures and many hand loom officials want to buy the Flying8 loom.

The hand weaving is a big industry in India. But there is no such a loom like the Flying8.
The advantages of the Flying8 loom in comparison to local hand looms are:
- The prize of a Flying8 loom is only half of other looms.
- The flying8 loom take much less space but is weaving wider width.
- The Flying8 loom is very silent.
- With it 8 shafts and up to 14 pedals, the variety new of pattern and structures is immense.
- The productivity can increase very much.
- All steps of the weaving process can be handled by only one person.

I hope the program will produce a lot of benefit to all activists, to GIZ, Matias Langer but most of all to the weavers.

The Flying8 loom is starting a big new adventures journey.
I hope to be back in Meghalaya in November 2017.

Mr. Michael, GIZ, is helping to set up the looms

Mathias Langer, Seidentraum, is looking forward to a rich silk fabric production.

Warping mill and Flying8 lift systems were built on the spot.

Mr. Chan is making his first Flying8 warp.

This is where we were, Nongpoh, Meghalaya, North Eastern Region of India.

Pitting the wrap into the loom.

Beaming with the best-friend.

Babett is drafting.

Vincent and Jaqueline are checking the tie-up.

And than weaving, weaving...

...and weaving and weaving.


Thema 2: Thomas i Punkt


Andreas Möller - Weberei Hamburg now available at Thomas i Punkt, Gänsemarkt and Mönckebergstrasse, Hamburg.

While I was in India, training the weavers, to provide better weaving technology to improve their livelihood,
I received an e-mail from the the very special and very famous shop Thomas i Punkt.
Actually since 25 years I was thinking to introduce my scarves to them but somehow I never dared or focused enough on it.
And now they are interested in my scarves! I am happy to announce that you can find some of my works at Thomas i Punkt in Hamburg.

Thomas i Punkt is a family owned and run company. As they say: We are not making fashion, we are making beautiful and good things to wear.
Their house brand is OMEN. All their goods are produced in Hamburg. For their knit wear they are using the same Merinowool than I do for my scarves.
The quality of their products is super high and their style is very cool, wonderful, classic and special.


scarf NUBES at Thomas i Punkt.


Thema 3: Flying8 Light-Flyer shuttles and new Building Guideline for The Flying8 contemporary loom


The weavers even made their own Flying8 Light-Flyer shuttles.

The last training in India was the first training ever where the weavers were not only making their own looms but also they were making their own shuttles.
The Flying8 Light-Flyer shuttles are now reality.
Since many (10) years I was looking for the best way how to build a flying shuttle with wheels in the best but also easiest way.
Finally in January, the search was coming to an end.
As well as I finally completed the latest Building Guidelines for the Flying8 Contemporary loom, the warping mill with the Flying8 Lift System and the best-friend, the Flying8 Light-Flyer shuttle including how to manufacture spools and heddles.
The English and the German versions will be available in my web-shop by April.
The Flying8 Light-Flyer shuttles will be available including the plan of how to build your own Flying8 flyingshuttle beater including spool and heddle making.

Flying8 Light-Flyer shuttle and standard shuttle. The Flying8 shuttle is very spacey... that the spools can take more weft yarn.

The latest Building Guidelines available in English or German, April 2017

Building Guideline for Warping mill with Flying8 Lift System, Best Friend and raddle.

Building Guideline for Flying8 Light Flyer, Flying8 flying shuttle beater plus spool and heddle making.


Liebe Kunden und Freunde, Bekannte und Verwandte,

hier sende ich einwenig auf die Schnelle eine Sammeleinladung zu drei bevorstehenden Ausstellungen.

Der Herbst-Salon ist schon sehr bald!

Ich hoffe wir sehen uns hier oder dort.

Meine Werkstatt ist jetzt auch viel geöffnet, da ich nach der ganzen Reiserei in diesem Jahr erst mal zu Hause bleibe.

Nun ist auch endlich die Internetseite online.

Ich wünsche allerseits einen gemütlichen Herbst und einen schön beschalten Winter.

Mit herzlichen Grüßen,

Andreas Möller

Info zur Messe im Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg

Info zur Adventsmesse in der Koppel 66, Haus für Kunst und Handwerk, Hamburg

Im Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe bin ich vom 25.11.-4.12.
und auf der Messe in der Koppel 66 am 9. 10. und 11. Dezember und am 16. 17. und 18. Dezember.

Kommt alle! Es gibt wieder Schals und andere schöne Geschichten.

More about Flying8 in the world

Right now I am facing another period of travels.
Lately I got a call from GIZ to introduce the Flying8 weaving concept to India.

From 15. to 28. August I will be at the Flying8 Trainingcenter in Rothen, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Germany.
Everybody is welcomed to to book some days for a Flying8 weaving training.
Choose the dates to you convenience within this period. Detailed information at Flying8 class information

In the early days of September will be a Flying8 loom building class a GOLDEN HAAND, Netherlands.
Please book directly at Mirja Wark, GOLDEN HAAND

In September I will spent some time with my family. My son will celebrate his 4th birthday.

And just before I will turn 51 years, I am going to follow the invitation to the Weavers Forum in Cheboksary, Russia.
This invitation is a great honor for me.
Aleksander Baslis, the inventor and organizer of this event has a big devotion to establish the handwaving in all levels of education.
I am very grateful for his mission and his energy he is having for the hand weaving.

Weavers Forum 2016, Cheboksary, Russia

More information at "links"

During the fall and winter season I will attend some very good exhibitions and high-end craft fairs such as Grassimesse, Leipzig, Kunst und Handwerkmesse, Museum of Art and Craft, Hamburg, Adventsmess Koppel66, Hamburg and others.

The weaving workshop at Sabbath near Addis Abeba and the church of St. Jürgen in Lübeck are still asking for donations for having an up-lift to Flying8 standard of the weaving looms and weavers. Please be so kind to concider to take part in this improvement.

I am looking forward to meet you sometime, somewhere.

Salamnew und Mambo! Guten Tag aus Afrika

+++ 13.03.2016
Since January I am back to the African continent.
I was visiting Esmael and other friendsin Ethiopia.
We redesigned the famous towels according to the available cotton yarn.
Since a while, the dark blue thread is no longer available.
The little bit what is still there will be used for the design part of the towels.
I am awaiting the new towels in May.

Schön und frisch. The new towels.


In Tanzania I was helping in the world of weaving (wow) workshop.
The Finnish designer of the year 2013,Elina Helenius, was invited to make the new designs for a collection of cotton scarves.
I had to translate the new ideas into the looms.

Elina is taking fotos of the new collection.
The dancer Joseph is posing with one of the new scarves.


And also this is new: I am back to face book.
I have posted many pictures about my travel and doing here. Please try to connect with me there as well.

Andreas Möller, Hamburg auf facebook.


And also this is new:
The frontage of is online since a while.
It will link you to more Flying8 information such as a play list on youtube: flying8 weaving.

Die Firma:
kunstkonzept media – Agentur für Branding, Online- & Printmedien
Web: | Mail: | Vertreten durch: Herrn Nicolas Seebeck,
hat das sehr freundlich und unkompliziert möglich gemacht.
Please search by keyboard,
link is not working yet.

Welcome 2016

*** 13. Janaury 2016

To all the world I wish a well going new year!...

Aleksander, back row, 3rd from left, and students after a meeting about Flying8 weaving.

... I am looking forward to many new Flying8 activities around the globe.
Soon I will be in Ethiopia and Tanzania.
Recently I received an e-mail from Aleksander from Cheboksary in Russia.
He is the organizer of the weaver forum in Cheboksary and he wants to make the Flying8 concept available to different areas of the textil education in Russia and neighbor countries.
In December he took his Flying8 model loom and was presenting it to students with disturbed eyesight.
Aleksander is writing:
"I prepared a meeting with school students. I spoke with them about weaving and I devoted a lot of time to you as a weaver and a person who travels extensively to teach people.
Of course I took an opportunity and I showed them your products and the small copy (model) of your design of the machine.
Everything very much was pleasant to children and they listened very attentively."

Thank you very much, Aleksander, to be so active for Flying8 weaving!
I hope meet the studends during my visit to Cheboksary in October.

All around the Flying8 loom model.

Fast weaving on a Flying8 contemporary loom


Spendenaufruf für eine Weberei in Äthiopien


Einen Spendenaufruf für eine Weberei in Sabata, Äthiopien, finden Sie unter FLYING-8

Neue und Treue

Blick in die Weberei Hamburg.
Flying8 Webstühle so weit das Auge reicht...


neuen und treuen Kunden, Freunden und Besuchern, *innen,
die in diesem Jahr in meine bescheiden Werkstatt kamen,
und denen, die ich irgendwo anders auf der Welt oder im weltweiten Netz traf,
danke ich herzlich
für die schönen Begegnungen, Komplimente und Einkäufe.
Hoffentlich werden wir 2016 erneut Gelegenheiten haben, uns wieder zu sehen
und dass ich Sie und Euch mit meinen neuen und treuen Schals, Mützen und anderen Dingen
überraschen kann.

Besonders danke ich den Spender*innen, die dem Spendenaufruf für die Weberei in Sabata, Äthiopien, gefolgt sind und schon großzügig gespendet haben! Gleichzeitig möchte ich all diejenigen ermutigen, die es noch machen möchten, es zu tun. (siehe unter "FLYING8")

Ich freue mich auch schon auf neue Reisen, die neue Internetseite und Flying8 Webkurse.

Ende Januar bis Mitte März werde ich in Äthiopien und Tansania sein und danach in Holland um bei Mirja Wark, Golden Haand, einen Webkurs zu geben. (Ich glaube, man kann sich noch anmelden).
In Äthiopien werde ich der Klosterweberei in Sabata und anderen Weberein in Addis Abeba einen Informationsbesuch abstatten.
Im Wesentlichen werde ich aber Zeit bei Esmael Jemal in Bahir Dar verbringen.

In Tansania werden die Weber*innen von World of Weaving und ich die neuen Designs der finnischen Designerin Elina Hellenius, die sie exclusiv für diese wundervolle Werkstatt gestaltet hat, in die Webstühle bringen. soll rund um das Flying8 Webkonzept informieren.

Der Sommer kommt hoffentlich schon am 26.Mai in die Schweiz. Dann startet nämlich auch der Flying8 Webstuhlbau Kurs bei ZürcherStalder in Lyssach, CH. Und in den letzten beiden Augustwochen wird es in der Rothener Mühle zwei Flying8 Webkurse geben.

(siehe zu allem auch unter: "AKTUELL/LINKS")

Aber nun will es ja erst mal ganz geruhsam Weihnachten werden.

Das war aber ein schöner Herbst Salon 2015


Seit dem ist lange her


19.Oktober. 2015

Guten Tag!
Seit dem letzten Eintrag ist es ja auch schon wieder lange her.
Ich war inzwischen in Dar es Salaam, Svendborg, Kiel und Bremen.
Und am 22.Oktober eröffnet die Grassimesse in Leipzig.
Weitere Ausstellungsteilnahmen folgen und die Planungen für das nächste Jahr beginnen langsam.

Im August habe ich für die kleine Weberei World Of Weaving, wow, zusammen mit den Mitarbeitern zwei Flying8 Webstühle und einen großen Schärahmmen mit Liftsystrem gebaut.
Außerdem habe ich die 4 bisherigen Webstühle der Weberei zu Flying8 Webstühlen umgebaut.
Da die Weberinnen pro Stück bezahlt werden, und sie nun sicherlich drei Mal soviel produzieren können, wie vorher, waren wir alle bester Laune über den Erfolg meiner Mission.

Flying8 Webstühle machen sehr gute Laune bei den Weberinnen von wow in Dar es Salaam.

In Svendborg habe ich bei der Bildungsstätte AOF mit einer Gruppe einen Flying8 contemporary Webstuhl gebaut. Wir wurden dabei von Johnathan Miller, secretary of the Handwebers guild of New York City, der als Gast dabei war, unterstützt.
Johnathan hat auf eine "andreas möller, flying 8 loom" Gruppe gestartet. Danke, Johnathan!

Das Männermode Geschäft KONTRAST in Fedelhörn 98 in Bremen hat Schals von mir ins Programm aufgenommen.
KONTRAST führt hochqualitative, schöne Mode einer Reihe besonderer Labels.

Leider konnte ich wegen einer Ausstellung in Kiel nicht an dem Weberforum in Cheboksary in Russland teilnehmen.
Eine dringende Einladung für 2016 liegt allerdings schon vor und ich hoffe, dass ich ein Visum bekommen werde.

Aleksandr Baslis, Mitte, hat einen Model Flying8 Webstuhl gebaut um die Teilnehmer neugierig zu machen.

Vom 23.-25. Oktober findet in Leipzig wieder die Grassimesse statt.
Ich freue mich schon wieder sehr darauf. Die Grassimesse ist seit Jahren ein Höhepunkt im europäischem Kunsthandwerkkalender.
Ebenso, wie die Messe "KUNST UND HANDWERK", auf der ich vom 27. November bis zum 6. Dezember ausstellen werde.

Diese und weitere Termine finden Sie unter AKTUELL.

Mein Stand auf der Grassimesse 2014.

Tanzania is calling und Russland auch schon

In Dar es Salaam wartet eine Weberei auf mich. Wir wollen dort die bestehenden Webstühle zu FLYING8 Webstühlen umbauen und 2 neue FLYING8 Webstühle bauen.
Wussten Sie übrigens, dass Hamburg und Dar es Salaam Partnerstädte sind?

Im nächsten Jahr soll es auch in Russland mit FLYING8 Webstühlen los gehen.

Leute, es wird wieder mehr wunderbare FLYING8 Webstühle geben.
Ich bin schon ganz aufgeregt!

Viele Grüße,

Hier eine Vorankündigung aus Tscheboksari an der Wolga.

Endlich erhältlich!!! NOW OUT!!!

Hallo an alle FLYING8 Webstuhlfreunde.
Nach langer, langer, viel zu langer Zeit, ist es mir endlich gelungen den Bauplan
für den weltweit bekannten Flying8 Webstuhl
auch auf deutsch herauszubringen.
Auf 34 Seiten erklärt der Text, begleitet von 86 relevanten Fotos, ausführlich den Bau eines Flying8 Webstuhls.
75,- €
Es gibt dazu auch eine DVD, die den Bau des Flying8 Webstuhls im Detail zeigt.
Die Aufnahmen dafür haben Natalia, Martin Hans und ich letztes Jahr in Finnland gemacht.
Der gesprochene Text ist auf Englisch und etwas Spanisch.
Jeder Abschnitt ist mit Überschriften auf Deutsch und auf Englisch versehen.
Holzliste ist beigefügt. Spieldauer ca. achtzig min. 45,- €

Bauplan UND DVD zusammen nur 99,-€

Wer schon einen Bauplan hat und nur die DVD kaufen möchte,
bekommt diese für 39,- €.

Hello to all Flying8 loom-friends,
after a very long time I finally published the Buildingplan for the Flying8 Loom also
in German language.
34 pages, 86 fotos, 75,- €

Along this the DVD, Building Guidelines for the Flying8 loom is available.
Spoken in English and a little bit of Spanish.
Every chapter ist titeled in English and German. A list of wood ist included.
Eighty min., 45,- €


Der Bauplan endlich auch auf deutsch.
34 Seiten, 86 Bilder. 75,- €
Achten Sie auf das Einführungsangebot

Die DVD Building Guidelines.
Zeigt den kompletten Bau eines Flying8 Webstuhls und alle Knoten.
The building of the Flying8 loom in detail, showing also all knots.
45,- €
Achten Sie auf unser Einführungsangebot.

Sie können über mich nun auch einiges Standardzubehör bestellen, das zur Fertigstellung eines Webstuhl benötigt wird.
Z.B. 2,5mm geflochtenes Hanf, 100m 30,- €.
Weitere Artikel, wie Webeblatt, Litzen, Spulen etc. auf Anfrage.

You also can order some standard equipment what is need to complete the Flying8 loom.
E.g. braided hemp, 2.5 mm, 100 m, 30,- €
Other prices for reeds, spools, heddles... by e-mail.

Botswana, Ethiopia, Germany and than Peru


My 2014 has started in Uruguay. Sure, it is quiet a while ago, but still not too late to wish you all a happy 2014.

Blue sky Uruguay.

After a short stopover in Hamburg I was traveling to Botswana. The local development agency of Selebi Phikwe, SPEDU, has invited me to conduct a Flying8 loom building and weaving training.
Botswana has no tradition in hand weaving and so none of the mostly female 20 participants have never seen a loom before or had any idea of the concept of weaving. Nevertheless they all were highly motivated.
Even though I introduced the group to the Flying8 loom by showing pictures and movies, the loom building phase was like approaching the answer to a secret. It was a joyful moment when the first looms were standing and weaving.

Flying8 loombuilding, approaching the answer of a secret.
joyful moment when the first looms were standing and weaving.

Flying8, what a joy!

It has been a great honor to the the city and especially the Flying8 training that the Vice-president of Botswana, his honor Dr. Ponatshego Kedikilwe, has visited us while we were just finishing the looms

Vice-president of Botswana, Dr. Ponatshego Kedikilwe is visiting our Flying8 training.

The counter marsh system with 8 shafts and 16 lams is a complex matter and to operate many pedals in the correct order while counting the wefts and moving the beater was sure a challenge to everybody. Still the products which were done during the training were convincing and exhibited and sold during the certificate ceremony.

Bags, pillowcases, scarves...
Botswana will shine in Flying8 products.

The first certificated Flying8 weavers of Botswana. Congratulations!

Besides the motivation and strength of the participants their singing and dancing at the beginning and the the ending of each working day was very enjoyable.

Dancing and singing after a Flying8 loom building training day.

In the very end of February I went to Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. For one I was appointed with a friend from Germany, who wanted to get in touch with some Ethiopian textil producers, for the other, to pick up Esmael, my weaver friend from Bahir Dar, who is weaving the wonderful towels.

Esmael, Lulit, Solomon, Ethiopian textil producer who will make the future.

Luckily we were introduced to Solomon, a weaver from Addis Abeba, who can copy picture into astonishing weavings by the traditional Ethiopian weaving technique.

Jesus, handwoven by Solomon. It took him 18 days.

Esmael and I were invited by the the Munich chamber of handwork to the Internationale Handwerks Messe, München. They are presenting the extrashow EXEMPLA. This year it was about professional partnership. It was the first time for Esmael to be in Germany and it has been a great time.

Esmael is explaining the Flying8 technology to an interested audience.

The invitation to the IHM has been a big thing for the Flying8 and especially Esmael as the Ethiopian representative. If some of the contacts he got there will keep in touch with him, many good things might happen to him in the future. Alhamdulila.

The next travel took me to Peru. The craft company ALLPA was asking me to improve the looms of the weavers they are working with.
The workshops of this weavers are placed in Paucara, a little town, but yet the metropole of the area, in 3800 above sea level somewhere hidden in the Andes.
The trip from Lima to Paucara by bus and car took us two days. We had to drive over a pass which was 5000m high. Sometime it was not easy to get enough oxygen. The travel through the Andes was anyway breathtaking just by looking at the giant and never-ending mountains and through the clouds on eye level.

Clouds on eye level.

On the way to Paucara.

Paucara's holy hill.

Arriving in Paucara.

The sundaymarket in Paucara seems to be the most important event on the planet.

The live in Paucara is not only hard because the nights are always cold but also because there is no sofa in the entire town.
But right, who wants to carry a sofa so far up high?

ALLPA is cooperating with two weaving workshops. One for carpet weaving and one for light textile weaving.
The carpet looms are strong and heavy for a good reason. The quality of the the carpets, which are woven in a double weave, is super excellent.

The looms for the lighter textiles, like blankets and scarves, were also strong and heavy in use. I converted two of them into Flying8 looms and demonstrated the easier use and the vast options of different designs.

The highest Flying8 loom on earth.
3800m above sea level.

Demonstrating the easier use.

groupphoto before farewell.