Welcome 2016

*** 13. Janaury 2016

To all the world I wish a well going new year!...

Aleksander, back row, 3rd from left, and students after a meeting about Flying8 weaving.

... I am looking forward to many new Flying8 activities around the globe.
Soon I will be in Ethiopia and Tanzania.
Recently I received an e-mail from Aleksander from Cheboksary in Russia.
He is the organizer of the weaver forum in Cheboksary and he wants to make the Flying8 concept available to different areas of the textil education in Russia and neighbor countries.
In December he took his Flying8 model loom and was presenting it to students with disturbed eyesight.
Aleksander is writing:
"I prepared a meeting with school students. I spoke with them about weaving and I devoted a lot of time to you as a weaver and a person who travels extensively to teach people.
Of course I took an opportunity and I showed them your products and the small copy (model) of your design of the machine.
Everything very much was pleasant to children and they listened very attentively."

Thank you very much, Aleksander, to be so active for Flying8 weaving!
I hope meet the studends during my visit to Cheboksary in October.

All around the Flying8 loom model.