Salamnew und Mambo! Guten Tag aus Afrika

+++ 13.03.2016
Since January I am back to the African continent.
I was visiting Esmael and other friendsin Ethiopia.
We redesigned the famous towels according to the available cotton yarn.
Since a while, the dark blue thread is no longer available.
The little bit what is still there will be used for the design part of the towels.
I am awaiting the new towels in May.

Schön und frisch. The new towels.


In Tanzania I was helping in the world of weaving (wow) workshop.
The Finnish designer of the year 2013,Elina Helenius, was invited to make the new designs for a collection of cotton scarves.
I had to translate the new ideas into the looms.

Elina is taking fotos of the new collection.
The dancer Joseph is posing with one of the new scarves.


And also this is new: I am back to face book.
I have posted many pictures about my travel and doing here. Please try to connect with me there as well.

Andreas Möller, Hamburg auf facebook.


And also this is new:
The frontage of is online since a while.
It will link you to more Flying8 information such as a play list on youtube: flying8 weaving.

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