More about Flying8 in the world

Right now I am facing another period of travels.
Lately I got a call from GIZ to introduce the Flying8 weaving concept to India.

From 15. to 28. August I will be at the Flying8 Trainingcenter in Rothen, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Germany.
Everybody is welcomed to to book some days for a Flying8 weaving training.
Choose the dates to you convenience within this period. Detailed information at Flying8 class information

In the early days of September will be a Flying8 loom building class a GOLDEN HAAND, Netherlands.
Please book directly at Mirja Wark, GOLDEN HAAND

In September I will spent some time with my family. My son will celebrate his 4th birthday.

And just before I will turn 51 years, I am going to follow the invitation to the Weavers Forum in Cheboksary, Russia.
This invitation is a great honor for me.
Aleksander Baslis, the inventor and organizer of this event has a big devotion to establish the handwaving in all levels of education.
I am very grateful for his mission and his energy he is having for the hand weaving.

Weavers Forum 2016, Cheboksary, Russia

More information at "links"

During the fall and winter season I will attend some very good exhibitions and high-end craft fairs such as Grassimesse, Leipzig, Kunst und Handwerkmesse, Museum of Art and Craft, Hamburg, Adventsmess Koppel66, Hamburg and others.

The weaving workshop at Sabbath near Addis Abeba and the church of St. Jürgen in Lübeck are still asking for donations for having an up-lift to Flying8 standard of the weaving looms and weavers. Please be so kind to concider to take part in this improvement.

I am looking forward to meet you sometime, somewhere.