Drei Themen zum 03. 2017


Arriving in India

Airport Guwahati, India

And all were waiting for my suitcase. How lovely.



Thema 1: INDIA

After all the winter exhibitions and the first weeks in the new year, I have spent a long while in India again.
I was called for a training by GIZ (Deutsch Gesellschaft für International Zusammenarbeit).
The project is part of the Climate Change Adaptation in the North Eastern Region of India, (CCA-NRI).
Within this frame Matias Lager, founder of the company Seidentraum, and the GIZ are running a Public Privat Partnership Program for silk.

The training was about building and using the warping mill with the Flying8 lift system and than of course warping with the Best-Friend and weaving.
The group were local village weavers and textil students and cluster developers.
8 Flying8 looms were built plus the one which we were making there last August.
The group learned very well and with a lot of devotion and eagerness how to operate the Flying8 loom and technology.

In the beginning of March the GIZ took one of the Flying8 looms to a fair in Shillong and the trainee James, who is now becoming Mr. Flying8 of India, told me that he was very happy with the response of the audience
even the television was shooting some pictures and many hand loom officials want to buy the Flying8 loom.

The hand weaving is a big industry in India. But there is no such a loom like the Flying8.
The advantages of the Flying8 loom in comparison to local hand looms are:
- The prize of a Flying8 loom is only half of other looms.
- The flying8 loom take much less space but is weaving wider width.
- The Flying8 loom is very silent.
- With it 8 shafts and up to 14 pedals, the variety new of pattern and structures is immense.
- The productivity can increase very much.
- All steps of the weaving process can be handled by only one person.

I hope the program will produce a lot of benefit to all activists, to GIZ, Matias Langer but most of all to the weavers.

The Flying8 loom is starting a big new adventures journey.
I hope to be back in Meghalaya in November 2017.

Mr. Michael, GIZ, is helping to set up the looms

Mathias Langer, Seidentraum, is looking forward to a rich silk fabric production.

Warping mill and Flying8 lift systems were built on the spot.

Mr. Chan is making his first Flying8 warp.

This is where we were, Nongpoh, Meghalaya, North Eastern Region of India.

Pitting the wrap into the loom.

Beaming with the best-friend.

Babett is drafting.

Vincent and Jaqueline are checking the tie-up.

And than weaving, weaving...

...and weaving and weaving.


Thema 2: Thomas i Punkt


Andreas Möller - Weberei Hamburg now available at Thomas i Punkt, Gänsemarkt and Mönckebergstrasse, Hamburg.

While I was in India, training the weavers, to provide better weaving technology to improve their livelihood,
I received an e-mail from the the very special and very famous shop Thomas i Punkt.
Actually since 25 years I was thinking to introduce my scarves to them but somehow I never dared or focused enough on it.
And now they are interested in my scarves! I am happy to announce that you can find some of my works at Thomas i Punkt in Hamburg.

Thomas i Punkt is a family owned and run company. As they say: We are not making fashion, we are making beautiful and good things to wear.
Their house brand is OMEN. All their goods are produced in Hamburg. For their knit wear they are using the same Merinowool than I do for my scarves.
The quality of their products is super high and their style is very cool, wonderful, classic and special.


scarf NUBES at Thomas i Punkt.


Thema 3: Flying8 Light-Flyer shuttles and new Building Guideline for The Flying8 contemporary loom


The weavers even made their own Flying8 Light-Flyer shuttles.

The last training in India was the first training ever where the weavers were not only making their own looms but also they were making their own shuttles.
The Flying8 Light-Flyer shuttles are now reality.
Since many (10) years I was looking for the best way how to build a flying shuttle with wheels in the best but also easiest way.
Finally in January, the search was coming to an end.
As well as I finally completed the latest Building Guidelines for the Flying8 Contemporary loom, the warping mill with the Flying8 Lift System and the best-friend, the Flying8 Light-Flyer shuttle including how to manufacture spools and heddles.
The English and the German versions will be available in my web-shop by April.
The Flying8 Light-Flyer shuttles will be available including the plan of how to build your own Flying8 flyingshuttle beater including spool and heddle making.

Flying8 Light-Flyer shuttle and standard shuttle. The Flying8 shuttle is very spacey...

...so that the spools can take more weft yarn.

The latest Building Guidelines available in English or German, April 2017

Building Guideline for Warping mill with Flying8 Lift System, Best Friend and raddle.

Building Guideline for Flying8 Light Flyer, Flying8 flying shuttle beater plus spool and heddle making.