Neues aus fern und nah +++ News from here and elsewhere

old looms converted to Flying8 contemporary looms.


After returning from India in February the time was short before I was flying to Ethiopia for the Flying8 training in Sebeta, a nunnery near Addis Abeba.
The training was made possible by donations to the church community of St. Jürgen, Gemeindezentrum St. Augustinus.

Thanks to all donators and supporters!

Esmael and I were teaching a group of orthodox nones in the FLYING8 WEAVING TECHNOLOGY.

Two local woodworkers, Mebratu and Tariku, were helping us to convert the looms of the workshop to Flying8 looms. Also we were building two new Flying8 looms.

On 8th of September will be a symposium about sustainability in Schloss Reinbek. I will give a presentation about the FLYING8 Weaving concept.

I will promote my Flying8 contemporary loom at the VÄV fair in Växjö, Sweden, 21.-23.September.

teaching important knots.

Taking a break.

Esmael in Flying8 mood.

Esmael is teaching the technical graphics.

Flying8 contemporary loom, 40cm shorter than the original, it gives more space for more looms.

Putting the warp with the best friend
(here: best sister;))

Nothing is easy.

More towels have arrived. Order soon in the Webshop or visit my workshop and get it there.

Welcome to the renovated WEBEREI HAMBURG!
More light, new look, Flying8
looms and furniture.

Tables, sideboards, benches, frames.
All furnitures are made from "Schalbrettern".

The ROTHENER MÜHLE in beautiful Mecklenburg. In the attic is the FLYING8 weaving training room.

TheFlying8 classic looms are waiting for the participants.

Ah, here they are.
From Canada, Switzerland and Germany.

Of course we were only using the
FLYING8 Light-Flyer shuttles.

Hope to see you in September in Sweden!