From the hands of Ethiopia

Mohammed, Rahma, Esmael, Kindalem

Dear Friend of our towels!

My name is Esmael Jemal. I am the leader of the
FLYING-8 WEAVING WORKSHOP in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia..
“Flying-8” is the name of our looms. They are new in Ethiopia, much more complex and much bigger than the traditional looms, which our fathers are still using.
I have learned the Flying-8 weaving in a training given by the European handweaver Andreas Moeller.
We became good friends and together we started the project “FROM THE HANDS OF ETHIOPIA”. My workshop is weaving high quality cotton towels which are sold in the Ethiopian and international market.
So far we are six people working in this project. We can build more Flying-8 looms and provide more jobs to our fellow weavers who want to improve their lifes and the lifes of their families as soon as the demand for our towels is rising.
Because of the special weavingstructure our towels are highly absorbend and still light, strong and of small volume. They are perfect for hands and body.
Please enjoy our towels where ever you are!

Esmael Jemal

You can find us daily at
Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
Cluster Kabele 15 (near to Highland- and Blue Nil College)
Esmael Jemal mobil  +251 918 766383
open  10 am - 5 pm
18 € small towel
39 € big towel